Drop Journal emerged through years of experimentation to address a felt need:

There are a shifting handful of intentions that feel important to remember in any given moment.

Intentions that can:
* Be easy to forget in the tiny moments when you sense opportunities to apply them

* Get overridden by the temptation of familiarity and the fear of uncertainty

The ideas Drop Journal attempts to bring into a coherent whole continue to be shaped through conversation with people who embody generosity, curiosity, and an openness to experimentation.

A special thank you to Sara Chandler, Ell Maki, David Goligorsky, Peter Pelberg, Prateek Saxena, and Laurel Schwulst for notable contributions.

* Bobby Bailey
* Ashley Butler
* Kyle Brett
* Sonya Chandler
* Matt Charleston
* Sam Charleston
* David Chernow
* Matt Cleinman
* Janelle Christian
* Casey Courtney
* Jack Crocker
* Jordan Curry
* Nicole Delaney
* Alex Hollender
* Tori Klein
* Chino Kim
* Andrea Lewis
* Carolyn Li-Madeo
* Jeffrey Noh
* Anthony Obi
* Drew Pelberg
* Jason Perez
* Howard Rheingold
* Mamie Rheingold
* Natalia Rodriguez
* Jaynelle Saint-Jean
* Annie Stancliffe
* Christian Taylor
* Lauren Tonokawa
* Elizabeth Turner
* Melissa Uhl
* Brett Yalof
* Isata Yansaneh
* Josh Zipin